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Baptism and Communion

You Are Welcome & Invited

Here at Brookside, we welcome everyone to participate in the Holy Sacraments of Baptism and Communion.  


Baptism and Holy Communion are traditionally celebrated during a worship service where everyone is welcome and everyone belongs. The invitation to both reaches out to anyone who desires to participate. You do not need to be a member or a long-time practicing Christian. Children and adults alike, are welcome to both the baptismal font and the Communion table.  


Many families come to a church to have their children baptized and to join Jesus and his followers at the Last Supper. We welcome everyone because we believe that wherever you are on life’s journey, you and your family are important participating followers of Jesus. 


During these times of Social Distancing and FaceBook Live worship, we continue to offer both sacraments, but in new and creative ways. Baptisms in the gardens allow families and friends to gather with masks and joy, surrounded by flowers and butterflies!!  


On the first Sunday of each month, Holy Communion is celebrated from home, allowing everyone to set their table separately, but worship as One in the Holy Spirit. 

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