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Doing Good

Local Outreach and Wider Mission

Our Vision

Brookside is an open and affirming congregation, embracing diversity and affirming the dignity and worth of every person. The church invites everyone to join in it’s common life and mission through participation and leadership in its congregation, and by fully sharing in the worship, rites and sacraments of the church.  Brookside Congregational Church, is a member of the United Church of Christ.  

Brookside is community-focused and offers space for numerous local nonprofits and community organizations to meet.  In support of its mission, the church is utilized by over 30 groups in the Manchester area including non-profits, student enrichment programs, grief and addiction support groups, community gardeners, a parish nurse program, local farmers market, soccer league, community theatre groups, and student recitals.  Two other congregations worship regularly in our chapel.  Brookside is home to the Brookside Thrift Shop and Pastoral Counseling Services that serve the local community. 

Mission Spotlight

Over 85 evacuees from Afghanistan, including 12 families, have resettled in Manchester with the support of the International Institute of New England (IINE). Brookside Church and Brookside Thrift Shop have been helping in many ways.  When the families first arrived, Brookside helped by delivering food to their hotel rooms as they began their new life with us in the Manchester community.  As housing became available, the Thrift Shop provided household and furniture to the families - an instrumental need as they set up their new homes.  Brookside has also held drives for new items like bedding, tools, sewing kits, cleaning supplies, personal items and much more.  One of the unique ways the church is helping these families, is providing access to the church's large commercial kitchen where Afghan families can cook in large batches and package the food to share.   

How can you help?

You can donate items to the Brookside Thrift Shop including clothing items, mini-prep food processors, blenders/juicers, mortar/pestles, small lamps, French press type coffee makers, food storage containers of all sizes, home tool kits, irons, AA batteries, scissors, pins, sewing needles, thread and personal products like menstrual pads, shampoo/conditioner and first aid kits.

As a convenient way to help out, we have created a custom list on Amazon based on the needs for some new items for the families. To view the list, click here:

Once you click on the link you will see a page that says Brookside Church Outreach with items needed. When you select an item and add it to your cart, you will be prompted to sign into your AMAZON account. For the shipping address you need to select “Brookside Thrift Shop Outreach's Gift Registry Address.”

Please share this list with friends and family. Together we can make a difference for these families in need. Thanks so much for your support!


Local Outreach

Brookside is community-focused! We use our resources to build connections and provide support.

Wider Mission

Supporting one another in all settings and empowering individuals near and far.

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Thrift Shop

We offer many items and raise money for charitable and religious missions of the church. 

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