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Brookside United Church of Christ
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An Open and Affirming Congregation

Located in Manchester’s North End neighborhood, Brookside is a church that is open and affirming towards diversity, equity and inclusion among all of God’s people. Everyone is fully invited to share in church worship, rites and sacraments. Our church affiliation is with the United Church of Christ rooted in the Protestant Christian Congregational, Reformed, and Lutheran traditions. Our Church mission invites everyone to participate, volunteer, and share in stewardship opportunities..

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Are you looking for outdoor music or a virtual support group?  Check out our Music on the Veranda series or our Book Groups.   Click here to explore more ways to get connected.

Welcome to Brookside Congregational Church, UCC


We are an open and affirming congregation, embracing diversity and affirming the worth of every person, as we are all created in God's image.


Are you seeking a sacred place for spiritual growth? Do you want to spend time with neighbors and friends who long for peace and justice? Have you discovered the power of the Holy Spirit alive in our world? Is there a passion rising within you that is searching for a loving community? Are you hungry for God?


Whoever you are, wherever you have traveled, whatever your gender identity or immigration status, you are welcome at Brookside Congregational Church, United Church of Christ. We are a congregation of many generations, faiths, and denominations. We are single, multi-cultural, and perfectly imperfect. Here, you are welcome to worship God just as you are. Because here, we are One in the Holy Spirit.


We believe that God loves and forgives all that has already happened in our lives and leads us always towards the Light of Christ. No matter how you move forward, whether you are biking, walking, driving, paddling, in a wheelchair or wandering in a wilderness, once you are here, you will find a company of people to partner with you on your journey.


If you have a “justice gene” please find a way to share your passions with us by speaking with the Interim Minister, Rev. Laura Biddle.

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Rich History

Learn about our beautiful building and the Mission and Vision

we have been called to embrace. 

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